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Advantages of dehydrated vegetables


1. FD vegetables

FD vegetables are also known as frozen vegetables. Dehydrated vegetables made from freeze dehydration are collectively referred to as FD vegetables. The processing principle of FD vegetables is to quickly freeze the drained material, convert the remaining water in the material into ice, and then under vacuum conditions, water molecules are directly sublimated from solid to gaseous state to complete dehydration.

Compared with AD vegetables, FD dehydrated vegetables can better retain the original nutrients, color, and flavor of vegetables, but the processing cost is higher, and it is usually used for the processing of high-grade vegetables.

2. What are the uses of dehydrated vegetables

The application of dehydrated vegetables is currently mainly concentrated in three aspects:

1. Anti-storage

After a bumper harvest, some fruits and vegetables could not be sold in time. To avoid rotting, some farmers choose to dehydrate them to increase their holding time.

2. Dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks

Snacks made from dehydrated dried fruits and vegetables are common in supermarkets. These snacks are not only crunchy and convenient to eat, but also meet the needs of busy people for vegetables and fruits.

3. Convenience food side dishes

The largest buyers of dehydrated vegetables are instant noodle producers. Among these ingredients, vegetables are essential. In addition to instant noodles, other convenience foods can also be added with dehydrated vegetables as a side dish.

Dehydrated vegetables are widely used in almost all areas of food processing. It can not only improve the nutritional content of the product, increase the color and flavor of the product, but also enrich the variety of the product, greatly improving the consumer group of consumers. food structure.

Third, the characteristics of dehydrated vegetables

Compared with other fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and easy transportation and consumption. When eaten, not only the color is delicious, but also the original nutritional value is maintained.

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