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Benefits of Dehydrated Vegetables


Dehydrated vegetables: Also known as rehydrated vegetables, in layman's terms, they are vegetables that contain almost no water. The method is relatively simple. It is mainly a kind of dried vegetable made by removing most of the water in fresh vegetables through washing and drying steps. Although it is a kind of dried vegetable, its original color and nutrition are not affected at all, which is equivalent to the vegetables we normally use. Of course, compared with the fixity of fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables are relatively widely used, such as You can carry it for camping, exploring, etc. For dehydrated vegetables, when we want to eat them, the operation is relatively simple, just soak them in water and eat them like fresh vegetables.


Where did the name dehydrated vegetables come from?


According to relevant information, the invention of dehydrated vegetables mainly comes from the US space agency. Why do you say that? We all know the life of some astronauts in the spacecraft. They eat some compressed food. If they eat too much, they will lack some vitamins. Where do vitamins come from? Most of them come from vegetables, so the United States The space agency invented the technology of freezing and dehydrating vegetables. According to American experts: this technology is to remove the excess water contained in vegetables, while the chlorophyll and vitamins contained in fresh vegetables can still be preserved, which is convenient for storage, storage and transportation. Cold dehydration treatment almost removes all the water in food , and reduce its weight by 20%, while retaining 98% of the nutritional content of the food. It is because of these that we see the dehydrated vegetables on the market now.



1. Dried fruits and vegetables are resistant to storage and are not easy to spoil, which greatly prolongs the storage time of fruits and vegetables.


2. The taste has improved, which may make some picky eaters like to eat vegetables.


3. There is little loss of nutrients in dried fruits and vegetables, but only a small part of water-soluble vitamins, such as B vitamins and VC. However, minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron, as well as dietary fiber and protein are not lost.


Dehydrated vegetables are a bit more than fresh vegetables. For example, the vegetables made by the freeze-drying process can not help but maintain the color, fragrance and taste of the vegetables, and preserve the vitamins, protein and other nutrients of the vegetables to a large extent. As long as they are sealed and packaged, they can be stored and transported at room temperature And sales, it will not be deformed within three to five years. Since the vegetable has only 5% water content, it is lightweight and lightweight, reducing its operating costs. During the processing of dehydrated vegetables, a centrifugal dehydrator can be used to remove sludge and other sundries attached to the surface of fresh vegetables, and then a dryer can be used to achieve a certain degree of drying to reduce the volume of vegetables for easy transportation. The above advantages also determine the wide adaptability of dehydrated vegetables, and it is also convenient to adjust the supply. Therefore, dehydrated vegetables have become the first choice for people's convenience and convenience food.


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