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Dried vegetables are dried vegetables.

Dried vegetables refer to the removal of water from vegetables by artificial or processing methods, and their main components are fresh vegetables. Compared with fresh vegetables, dried vegetables have the advantages of convenient storage and transportation. Due to the reduced moisture content of dried vegetables, some fungi cannot survive, making the vegetables less prone to spoilage. Since most vegetables are water-dried vegetables, when the water is almost removed, the volume will decrease. It is precise because of this advantage that in winter when the weather is sunny or the wind is relatively strong, many people choose some fresh vegetables to make dried vegetables.

What are the more common dried vegetables?

dried vegetable:

1. Radish

Radishes are a relatively common dried vegetable. We can see pickled dried radish in the market, and dried radish is a dried vegetable made from radish. It is usually sun-dried or air-dried and then pickled with some salt. Dried vegetables such as radishes have a salty taste and will be very fragrant when fried.

2. Chinese cabbage

Cabbage is also a relatively common dried vegetable. Fresh green cabbage is usually chosen, usually made by air-drying. By air-drying, the moisture of the cabbage can be completely removed and can be used for cooking. We often have dried vegetable soup, which is made with cabbage. It is also delicious to make cabbage bone soup.

dried vegetable

Dried vegetables have removed the moisture, but that doesn't mean they're not fresh or nutritious. Removing water from vegetables may lose some nutrients, but most of the elements contained in them remain in the material. And dried vegetables are easier to store and taste delicious when cooked.

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