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How to make dehydrated vegetables?
Not every vegetable can be made into a dehydrated vegetable. Some vegetables are colloidal or hydroponic by themselves and have nothing when dehydrated, such as cucumbers and tomatoes. DIY instant dehydrated vegetables, on the one hand, need to be dehydrated, on the other hand, they must be able to be soaked in hot water for immediate consumption, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that the various nutrients contained in the vegetables are not lost. Here are a few quick dehydrated vegetable recipes that the author loves to eat, which are of practical value when mountaineering.

Spinach and other leafy vegetables: After washing the fresh spinach, use a small sieve to control the water, dry it in a cool place for more than eight hours, then set up a dry pot on the stove, and heat the pot, but it must be adjusted to the lowest, and the temperature should not be too high. A light touch is appropriate. Fire can be turned off and on. Put the spinach in the pot and continue stirring for ten minutes, try not to change the color of the spinach too much. If there is sunshine, you can also choose to stay in the sun for more than four hours. Then dehydrate the vegetables, seal them in a large bowl or microwave paper, and place them in the refrigerator to freeze for 1 to 2 days. If you have time, keep basking in the sun and have another hot pot treatment. Finally, keep it in the refrigerator until the day you travel. Spinach may or may not be chopped.

Root vegetables such as radishes: A common practice is to cut radishes into slices, dry them in the sun, and take them to the mountains to eat them with a chewy texture. Another practical climbing method is to cut the radish into small cubes, put it in boiling water with a little salt, cook for one minute, drain the water, control the water with a small sieve, and let the radish dry for two days. . Don't do it too early or the radish will be too dry, making it difficult to chew and digest. This method is suitable for all kinds of radishes (except water radishes), especially radishes rich in vitamins, as well as green beans, cabbage, lentils, sun beans, etc. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water for more than ten minutes, and then cook them in the water for more than ten minutes.

As for the chili, I haven't tried it yet. Maybe the vegetable peppers (big green peppers) have been dried, and the small red peppers can only be used for seasoning. Chili peppers are great for boosting your appetite on the hills, but it's a test for fragile oral membranes.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are the most delicious vegetables on the mountain, especially the latter are not sour or spicy, refreshing, and refreshing, but too much water and should not be dehydrated; the same is true of fruits, but they can be dried grapes.

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