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Dehydrated vegetable supplier


Production process of dehydrated vegetable supplier:

1. The bubble cleaner is made of food-grade materials with reliable performance. The conveying is stable, the speed is adjustable, and the material moves with the conveyor belt, avoiding damage to the conveyed material. Dehydrated vegetables with low noise are suitable for occasions where the working environment is relatively quiet. Simple structure and convenient maintenance. Low energy consumption and low cost of use.

2. Fruits and vegetables blanching, greening, pasteurizing machine Features: The machine uses hot water as the medium, the whole is made of stainless steel, step-less frequency conversion speed regulation, low noise, and the stable running time can be adjusted arbitrarily. The machine has a compact structure, convenient operation, and a low failure rate. The heating method adopts boiler steam and hot water heating, which is especially suitable for continuous cooking operations.

3. The air dryer is used in conjunction with the sterilization line and is placed at the rear of the sterilization line. It is especially suitable for drying high and low-temperature meat products, vegetable products, and other bagged products after sterilization. It is suitable for water removal after sterilization of sterilized high and low-temperature meat products, vegetable products, and other flexible packaging products. Also suitable for removing surface water after vegetable washing.

4. Drying ovens are used in factories and scientific research units for polymer material drying, resin curing, medicine, paint baking, electronics, electroplating, medicine, printing baking, motor drying, transformer drying, industrial heat treatment, disinfection heating, heat preservation, and other process equipment. Product structure: Generally, the drying box is made of profiled steel and sheet, and then welded. Reasonable structure, beautiful box shape, durable. It can be used as a sample holder and trolley in the studio. Insulation layer, good thermal insulation.

5. The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has two studios, and the workload is larger than that of the single-chamber. The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is composed of devices such as a color screen touch, vacuum system, temperature control system, cooling system, and inflation system. The workflow is vacuuming, heat sealing, air return, and opening the vacuum chamber.

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