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Tomato powder


Specifications: instant powder
Custom processing: Yes
Product: Tomato Instant Powder
Appearance: Tomato red powder
Granularity: 80 mesh
Extracted source: tomato
Detection method: TLC
Acid value: neutral
Application: solid beverage food
Packing: 25kg cardboard drum
Storage: cool and dry place
Shelf life: 24 months


Tomato powder can be seen from the product name that his primary raw material is tomato, and he also has a reputation in China called “xi hong si”

Introduction of tomato powder:

Tomato powder is also known as tomato flavor compound seasoning powder. It is made from Xinjiang ripe tomato into the original sauce, spray-dried to make natural tomato original powder, and then carefully compounded.

Tomato powder is made of high-concentration tomato paste as raw material, using low-temperature spray fluidization drying technology, Ve, etc., the sensory, physicochemical, and hygienic indicators are all in line with national standards, with good solubility, it is an ideal soup for domestic and foreign consumers.
Condiments are also ingredients for beverages.

Status: Powder

Addition amount: puffed food (3-5%), biscuits (3-58)

Flavor characteristics: a purely sweet and sour taste of natural tomato

Application: used in puffed food, biscuits, etc.

Appearance: powder or loose block.

features: It has the smell of tomato, without a peculiar odor and impurities.

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